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How long does it take for you to ship the shears?

All Professional Freebird Hair cutting Shears are CUSTOM MADE and it takes usually about a week or a week and a half for us to make the shears depending on how busy our craftsmem are before they are ready to be shipped. It's worth the wait, trust us on this!



The History & Evolution Of Scissors & Hair Cutting Shears


Oiling And Cleaning Your Hair Shears

Testing The Tension On Your Hair Shears

Adjusting The Tension On Your Hair Shears

Finger Rest Options For Your Hair Shears

Handle Types For Hair Scissors

Common Handle Types. Straight, offset swivel and beyond

Thumb Designs For Hair Scissors

Bent, Standard, Cut-Away

-Bent Thumb: The thumb eye is slightly bent back so that the thumb is not parallel to the other fingers.

-Standard Thumb: The Hair Shears eyes are on the same level, a safe choice for any hair designer. This type of handle has been the industry standard for many years.

-Cut-Away Thumb: the thumb eye of the handle has a slight cut-out part. It allows an easy insertion and exiting of the thumb.

Rotating Thumb: The thumb rotates providing total freedom of movement.

Measurement- How To Measure Your Hair Cutting Shears the right way.

-Hair Cutting Shears are always measured from the very tip until the end of the finger holes EXLUDING the finger rest.

Construction Of A Hair Shear

Shank Designs For Hair Shears

Popular Stopper/Bumper Types For Hair Scissors

Screw & Teeth Options for Hair Cutting Shears

Production Steps Of Hair Shears

Coming soon....

Articles for Professionals. Knowledge is Power Steels & Steel Manufacturing Methods for Hair Shears

-Forging, stamping, rolling and beyond. What is all the fuss about?

-Different Types of Steels, Getting into Detail. What we have learned over the years.