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The "FUR Artist" - Simply The Best Deal For The Serious Groomer!

$ 197.00 $ 904.00
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Alright everyone here it is! Our first Blockbuster Deal of 2018. And oh boy is it a deal! $904.00 worth of items for ONLY $197.00. Just when you thought there is no way to top the last deal we had we are Introducing the “Fur Artist”. This is hands down the most exciting deal that I ever had the honor of putting together. It represents everything that we stand for and includes the following 5 amazing shears.

  • The first shear is the never before seen 7" Wild Thing” modeling shear that we just designed. No one else in the world has EVER laid eyes on this bad boy! Groomers in this group are the very first groomers in the world to ever have the chance to get their hand on it. It will change the way you groom! There is nothing else like it. Value: $200.00
  • The second item is a true Freebird custom Shear. It is out of our  Classic N’ Art Line. This shear normally sells for $279.00 by itself but we could not resist and had to include it! You get to choose your theme and your length and and we do the rest. This is so exiting because we really get to show our skillzzz and make TRUE custom shears for many of our favorite groomers! Value: $279.00
  • The third shear is our Bad to the Bone Designer Shear. A super cute and super comfortable flipp-able shear in the length of your choice that normally sells for $200. You can choose the length for these as well. Value: $200.00
  • Shear number 4 is an awesome micro-serrated shear of your choice.               Value: $100.00
  • Shear number 5" is a great 6" thinner with finger adjustable screw. If you would like a little suspense you can alternatively choose the 
  • You also get 2 awesome Fur Artist shirts and for the first time can select between classic, long sleeve, v-neck or tanks.  Value: $45.00
  • All shears come as always with free engraving and in a cool leather case Value: $45.00
  • You also our first ever bracelet designed for groomers.  Value: $45.00
  • "Trust Me I am A Groomer" Freebird Comb Value: $25.00
The amazing value of this deal is $929.00! 

We have only have a few hundred of these available and they are expected to sell super fast especially because of the world introduction of the "Wild Thing" and the large fan base of our custom shears so you may want to get yours now.

Oh and we also made our amazing add on section even more amazing! You have the possibility to add a “Perfect Curve” Chunker or Thinner for only $69.00. We worked a long time on perfecting these thinners and chunkers with such a beautiful curve and have a little over 100 pieces ready! 


As always every shear in the Fur Artist Pack is guaranteed for life against defects in materials or craftsmanship. The box comes with a 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee. Up while supplies last!

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