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Thank you very much! Your payment plan is approved and has been submitted successfully. Payment plans are set up manually and it may take a day or so for you to get an e-mail with your payment plan details. In the mean time check out our below Secret Heartbeat Add On Specials & Favorites Page. If you would like to add any of these items we can still add them to your payment plan. just call us toll free at 1-888-222-9930, send us an email to or fill out another form. Either way we are here to help!:-)

The BIG Heartbeat💜❤️✨ Post Purchase Add On Specials & Industry Favorites💜❤️✨

Hair Stylist Super Add On Deals & Favorites 💃

Hair Stylist Add On Special 1

Hair Stylist Add On Special 2                            


Groomer Super Add On Deals & Favorites 💃

Pet Groomer Add on Special 1      

Pet Groomer Add on Special 2