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Simple Quick Tips for Brand Ambassadors:

Engaging with our ads can be easy and enjoyable! Here are some light-touch ways to help spread the word about our hair and grooming shears:

-Natural Comments: The most impactful comments are those that feel natural and genuine. Share your thoughts about our products in a way that feels true to you. A brief comment reflecting your personal experience can make a big difference. 

Photos and Videos: Occasionally, a picture or a quick video can speak volumes. Whether it's an unboxing moment, a snapshot of you using the shears, or a quick clip showing the results – these visuals add a personal touch to your comments.

Sharing is Caring:
Feel free to share our posts. A simple share can increase visibility and shows your support.

Highlight Your Favorites: Mention what you love most about our shears – it could be their sharpness, the type of shear, durability, or the excellent customer service you've experienced. Personal endorsements like these resonate well with others.

Quick Captures: Don't worry about making everything perfect. Sometimes, a quick, candid photo of you using the shears or a brief mention of what you like about them can be just as effective as a more polished post. Remember, your authentic voice is what makes these interactions so valuable. A little effort goes a long way in sharing your enthusiasm for our products!

Lets Get This Show ON The Road!:-)

Brand Ambassador Detailed Guide & Info


This agreement is to establish a relationship between Freebird Shears and the Brand Ambassador, who will represent and promote Freebird Shears products.

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This agreement shall stay in affect as long as everyone is happy with how it is going:-) 

Roles & Responsibilities 

Engagement: As ambassadors, you are encouraged to actively engage on social media. This involves commenting on advertisements, participating in relevant groups, and consistently representing the brand in a positive light. Additionally, you should use hashtags and tag Freebird Shears in your work-related photos, videos, and other relevant posts. The more positive outcomes we observe from your efforts, the greater the rewards will be!

Content Creation: Ambassadors should create and share content featuring Freebird Shears products.

Product Knowledge: Ambassadors should have adequate knowledge about the products to inform and educate their audience. We will provide all the guidenance you need.


Compensation & Incentives

Free Products: We are committed to regularly supplying our ambassadors with complimentary or discounted products for both personal use and demonstration purposes. For instance, you might receive a pair of our latest shears or one of our best-selling models at no cost. In exchange, we anticipate that you will promote these products and actively participate in commenting on our advertisements.

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Exclusive Access:

As an ambassador for Freebird Shears, you're not just at the forefront of style – you're literally 'living on the edge' with exclusive early access to our new products. This means you will always be among the first to try out and showcase our newly released shears, giving you an edge in the latest trends and innovations. Embrace this unique opportunity to experience our cutting-edge products before they're released to the public, and enjoy being a trendsetter in your field!


Exclusive Access:

As a valued ambassador, you will receive prominent exposure through features on our website and social media platforms. Beyond the immediate visibility, being an ambassador for Freebird Shears offers numerous benefits that may not be immediately apparent. By being an integral part of our team, showcasing our products, and engaging with our advertisements, you'll gain significant name recognition. This visibility, seen by hundreds of thousands of people, will not only enhance your personal brand but also assist in expanding your customer base and increasing your professional value. Embrace this opportunity to elevate your presence in the industry alongside Freebird Shears.

Freebird Shears Ambassador Guidance and Ideas

1. Content Creation Ideas: Showcase Your Work: Regularly post images or videos of haircuts or grooming sessions using Freebird Shears. Encourage using hashtags like #FreebirdStyle or #CutWithFreebird. Before and After Shots: Share before and after photos of your work to highlight the quality and precision of Freebird Shears.

Product Demonstrations: Create pictures, videos and unboxing videos demonstrating how you use different Freebird Shears products, focusing on features and benefits.

Testimonials: Share personal stories or testimonials about why you love Freebird Shears. Phrases like, “I love my Freebird Shears Thinners for their precision and comfort!” can be effective. Give it your own twist!:-)

Tutorial Videos or Tips: Post tutorials or give tips on different cutting techniques using Freebird Shears.

Engagement Strategies: Interact in Groups: Actively participate in relevant online groups or forums, showcasing your use of Freebird Shears.

Respond to Comments: Engage with your audience by responding to comments and messages about the products.

Collaborate with Other Ambassadors:
Team up with other brand ambassadors for joint content or challenges.

Host Q&A Sessions: Regularly host Q&A sessions on social media to answer questions about hair styling, grooming, how you use Freebird Shears and share your experiences.

3. Posting Guidelines Frequency:
 Aim to post a handful of images or videos each week to maintain a consistent presence.

Tagging: Always tag Freebird Shears in your posts and use designated hashtags.

Quality: Ensure that all content is of high quality, well-lit, and clearly showcases the product.

Authenticity: Keep your content authentic and true to your personal brand and style.

4. Promotions and Offers: Share Exclusive Offers: Regularly share exclusive discount codes or special offers provided by Freebird Shears. 

Launch Promotions: Participate in promoting new product launches or special events.

Feedback and Reporting
Regularly provide feedback to Freebird Shears about product performance and customer responses.

Brand Alignment:
Ensure your content aligns with the brand’s values and image.

We Value Your Feedback:Your insights are incredibly important to us. We encourage you to share any ideas you have regarding potential new products. Whether it's innovative types of shears or any other items that could be a hit in hair and grooming salons, your suggestions are invaluable. If there's something you believe would resonate well with our customers and enhance our product line, we're eager to hear from you. Your perspective as a professional in the field is crucial in helping us develop products that truly meet the needs and preferences of our market.


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