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The BIG Heartbeat💜❤️✨For Stylists

$ 259.00 $ 1,035.00
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Hello Friends,

We are honored to present The BIG Heartbeat💜❤️ Custom Package. This all-inclusive package takes the word “Deal” to a completely different level! It includes  the perfect mixture of amazing shears, tools and gear and is by far our most complete and fascinating✨package to date!

Payment plans are available so there is no reason to miss out! This is the deal for anyone with true passion for their profession!🕺. It is by far the most exciting deal that we ever had the honor of putting together.  

This is the deal for anyone with true passion for their profession!🕺💃. We love❤️ this particular deal so much because it is a true custom package that allows everyone to include their personal style and flair! It includes a fascinating 5 shears including a true Freebird Signature Quality Handmade Custom Shear of your choice. Everyone that knows our shears knows that these alone normally retail for $279-$359.00 each by themselves. The set further includes 3 different types of thinners and texturizers ranging from fine to coarse with new and innovative teeth designs that will allow you to take your design work into an entirely different league. These are the types of shears that frequently trigger the "Where have you been all my life" response. True Game Changers!

The fifth and final shear is a Serrated Finishing Shear that works especially well on dry hair or to cut very straight lines. The serration is designed to keep the hair from any kind of slighting resulting in a much more accurate cut.

We further included 3 Innovative Hair Cutting Razors that will allow you to outperform the competition and take your razor game into elite territory. The feather razor is made out of 100% stainless metal and has no plastic parts whatsoever resulting in a not only much more durable tool but also a much more balanced piece of equipment. Both of the razor combs are state of the art hair razors that use double edged razor blades. These razors will quickly become a go to instrument when it comes to razor cutting. They are not only very high quality and great multi tasking instruments. Between these three musketeers you will not encounter any razor task that cannot be solved.  

Now we are getting to all the super fun stuff that make this deal not only technically and qualitatively absolutely stunning but also very lovely❤️ and super fun🕺💃 The shirts that we included are now designed and printed directly by Freebird in-house meaning you can count on the same great quality that you are used to from our shears. The Designer Necklace and the Designer Ring included in the deal were specifically designed for this package and cannot be found anywhere else. They are both made out of hypoallergenic surgical grade stainless steel and are not only made to impress but also to endure. You also get a pair of Super Cute Earrings and a pair of Shear Shaped Hair Brooches:-)

You also receive an awesome bag of accessories with finger inserts in all different sizes that allow you to custom fit each shear in this deal to your finger size. We are very proud of our finger inserts! We not only believe that our True Fit© Finger Insert System is the highest quality most accurate finger insert system on the market but we know that proper fitting tools are a key to healthier hands and that is why we have invested a lot of time and effort to come up with a system that is second to none.

The package would not be complete without a fabulous looking Custom Engraved Designer Case.  It holds all the shears that this set includes in a compact enough fashion to where it will still fit in your purse and can accompany you to wherever the road may take you.

Last but not least are the Heartbeat Collectibles which consist of a magnet, stickers and a real metal wall sign that you can hand up on your station or anywhere else in your salon. It will demonstrate your passion for your profession and everyone wants to be around and do business with passionate uplifting individuals in an inviting environment.  

  All in all there are a Whopping 35 items included in this set. It has a value of over $1100.00 and we are selling a limited number for only $259.00 as part of our 2018 brand expansion campaign💪✨ so get yours before they are all gone you will not regret it. We have been blessed with the most awesome and loyal customer base anywhere and at this price stock will not last so get on board while you can it will be an awesome ride. If you are new to the family check out our reviews and our Facebook page. We have tons of amazing customer reviews and over 11000 likes on Facebook. 

Lots Of Love💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️

Your Freebird Team




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