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About us

Freebird Shears were developed by some of the world's leading industry experts from Europe, Asia and North America. We have the World's largest selection of shears and have developed more original shear and thinning shear designs than any other hair or grooming shear company in the United States. We also manufactur many private label shears that you may already be familiar with. Shears designed by Freebird are also amongst the best selling shears in Western Europe.

Leading master craftsmen, artisans and designers from Japan, Germany and the U.S.A. joined forces to achieve the goal of developing a line of hair shears like no other in performance, design and uniqueness.

Freebird Signature Shears are the brainchild of Sharon & Maurice Stoll, a fourth generation Master Craftsman from Solingen, Germany. It was their desire to develop a selection of professional shears that fuse German craftsmanship with Japanese steel and American technology and that is as unique as the designers' individual style. What they envisioned and ultimately designed is not only a fully functional masterpiece of modern engineering but also a piece of art as individual as each artists hand.

Recently Freebird Shears was voted amongst the 100 most talented products made in the entire State of Texas along the line of other legendary products such as Justin Boots. Freebird Shears are used by 3 presidents hair artists, many of the worlds most accomplished hair designers and creative groomers. Freebird Shears also designed the Custom Made 50th Anniversary Shears for Farouk Shami, Founder of Chi & Biosilk.