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   Exclusive Rewards Program: Earn points with every box you receive, which can be traded in for extra surprises or products at the end of the year! With our 100% money-back guarantee and the option to cancel anytime, you have nothing to lose and all the sharpness to gain!

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Discover What's Inside Each Box! 🎁✨

Because each box is hand-assembled with care, we have a limited number available each month. If you see a "Sold Out" sign, please try again next month.

WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY ~ Unedited REAL Real Reviews! 

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🌟 Welcome to Shear Treasure: The Ultimate Grooming Game-Changer! 🐾 Our subscription is a perfect blend of classic, tried-and-true shears and cutting-edge, innovative designs that will elevate your grooming artistry. Tailored to your unique style, Shear Treasure delivers an exciting mix of shears right to your doorstep, every month. Crave long blades, adore swivel handles, or need left-handed shears? No worries! Our customizable subscription is all about you and your grooming needs. Get ready to experience the ultimate in grooming precision and style with Shear Treasure. Subscribe now and transform your grooming sessions into an extraordinary affair! ✂️🎉 #ElevateYourGrooming


Made For You! ~ Uncover the Secrets Within

Each box features a premium Freebird Shear, complete with the option for free name engraving in an exciting new font every month. But the treasures don't stop there. You'll also receive one of our Limited Edition, Now Super Softstyle Groomer Designer T-shirts, offering both comfort and style. Enhance your grooming sessions with an assortment of exclusive bows, ties, and bandanas, each following a fresh monthly theme. And to add to the excitement, every box includes a special mystery item, along with fun stickers and extra surprises. Shear Treasure isn't just a subscription - it's a monthly celebration of your grooming passion, tailored to your preferences and designed to keep you ahead in the world of professional grooming."


Created to Perfect Your Grooming Routine

We've tailored every Shear Treasure Box to perfectly suit your grooming style, ensuring maximum value and utility. Each box is designed to be the monthly highlight for your grooming needs, packed with tools specifically chosen to enhance and advance your craft. 🌟 Customize your box by selecting the sizes and options that work best for you – whether it's a mix of all handles, swivels, lefties, or something else, we've got you covered. Plus, each shear comes with an option for beautiful and free name engraving, featuring a new and exciting font every month. We're so confident you'll love our box that we're offering a FREE shear for everyone who signs up, while spots last. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your grooming game! 🐾 #PersonalizedGrooming"


Ships Monthly

Free Engraving

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We hand print all of your shirts right here in house not far from where we make your custom shears and where your sets are put together. It all happens in our custom shop in Texas, U.S.A.

The shirts are printed using a variety of techniques including screen printing printing by hand which has been the predominant method for printing long lasting garments for many decades. We also offer custom printing for hair salons and grooming shops. Please contact us any time with your requirements.

Celebrating Over 20 Years In Business – Our Customers Speak for Us!

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