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Classic Chunker 7.5" 20T | Professional Grooming Shears

$ 129.00
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The 7.5 inches long Classic Chunker thinning shears feature a unique single-sided 20-tooth design. Each tooth is crafted with 4-5 prisms for effective hair cutting, especially in dense fur.  ✂️✨💕

The oblate-shaped spacing between teeth allows for precise control over the cutting pattern, making the shears smooth and easy to handle. Ideal for dogs with dense fur, these shears are distinguished by their coarse tooth design and spring-loaded screw system for fluid work.

Manufactured in the renowned Revolution quality in the Japanese style, combined with state-of-the-art American technology. The razor-sharp, extremely competent 60+ Rockwell hardness 440+Cobalt-Molybdenum-Vanadium steel blade, extreme durability, a flat screw system for individual adjustment, and a polished blade for a clean cut, making them essential for professional grooming."

Model Information

  • Model: Revolution Classic Chunker
  • Available Sizes: 7.5" (20T)

Model Details

  • Handle: : Classic handle
  • Edge: Convex Edge
  • Material: Stainless Japanese steel with a hardness level of 60+ Rockwell, 440C+Cobalt Molybdenum
  • Screw: Special adjusting screw
  • Recommended for: Dogs with dense fur, facilitating precise control over the cutting pattern. Ideal for professional grooming salons seeking efficient and effective tools for quick and perfect cutting results using the thinning technique.

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