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Hair Stylist Luv 2 Style Set

$ 129.00
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Our New Ultimate Customizable Hair Stylist Shear Set

Fresh Styles to Choose From: Explore our extensive range of new, vibrant shear designs. Fashionable Tee Designs: 10 new stylish T-shirt options included. Professional Combs Included: Enhance your styling with our professional-grade combs. Flexible Payment Plans: We offer plans to fit your budget comfortably. Fast Shipping Guaranteed: Your order ships within 2-10 business days. Personalized Touch: Enjoy FREE engraving with a selection of trendy fonts. Complete Satisfaction: We're committed to your happiness with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Bonus Accessories: Receive a FREE selection of stylist accessories and spare parts. Risk-Free Shopping: Confidently shop with our money-back guarantee. Excellence in Styling

In response to your feedback, we've expedited our delivery process! Our Custom Express Sets for Stylists are ready to ship faster than ever. This collection includes our 3 newest Primary Shear Releases and 8 new Comfort Shear Releases, featuring:

Exclusive Designer Handles: Uniquely designed for both style and ergonomic comfort. Customize to your taste! Versatile Toolkit: Choose from a diverse range of sizes and blade types to suit your styling needs. Options include swivel thumb and double swivel thumb configurations.

Perfect for professional hair stylists, this set includes a variety of shears, chunkers, and scissors, along with styling supplies and 2 chic Stylist T-Shirts that showcase your personal style. Whether you're looking for curved styling shears, chunking shears, or thinning shears, we have you covered.

Our Japanese Shear Designs, with convex and semi-convex edges, are crafted for effortless cutting through all hair types. Available sizes range from 5" to 7.5", along with an excellent selection of thinners and chunkers.

Need left-handed shears? Select from various sizes via our interactive menus.

Transform your styling experience with a set that's more than just tools—it's a reflection of your artistic flair, delivered just in time!

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