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The Shear Suspense Pack For Stylists ✂️🎃🧛‍🦇

$ 99.00 $ 350.00
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Last year, we’ve received great feedback on our Halloween Mystery Box. So, we challenged ourselves to give you a bigger and spookier treat this year.

Get ready for a pure dose of SHEAR SUSPENSE!

The Freebird Shear Suspense Pack comes with never-before-seen mystery T-shirt, optional hoodie or sweater, metal sign, and loads of surprise accessories that will surely leave you screaming with excitement!

Choose handle type and length for your first designer shears, then leave the rest to us to give you suspense treats you’ll never forget.

The Freebird Shear Suspense Pack includes:

  • 1 Engraved Designer Shear and 1 Exciting Engraved  Mystery Shear.
  • 1 Never-Before-Seen Mystery T-Shirt and one of our best selling mystery t-shirts
  • 1 Never Before Seen Mystery Custom Wall Sign
  • Selection of Mystery Accessories

Plus, you also have the chance to get additional never-before-seen Mystery Hoodie Or Sweater and Shears at discounted price!


Please hurry, we have limited stocks and this special offer only lasts a few days, just enough to make your Halloween more spooktacular!


We offer payment plans and 100% Money Back Guarantee so there’s really no reason to miss out on the suspense.

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Keep screaming,

Your Freebird Shears Family


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