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Ultimate Groomer 22 Retro

$ 239.00 $ 999.00
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We are thrilled to present The Brand New Ultimate Groomer 22 Retro 🔥🐶✂️ Custom Made & Engraved Shear Package. It includes the perfect mixture of 7 awesome shears and gear for serious and passionate groomers. You really get EVERYTHING that you see in the picture for only $299.00.

You can select 7 shears including a True Handmade Custom Shear of your choice, our Brand New Omega or Kingsball Texturizer, and three more additional shears of your choice. You also get one of our brand new 4" Precision Finishing Micro Shears.

Add On Options✨

1. SuperCurve

Our SuperCurve has the most INTENSE curve in the industry.  It will become an irreplaceable gem in your tool arsenal in no time. You will not regret adding one of those babies guaranteed!
2. Curved Thinners

If you benefit from curved shears you will benefit from curved thinners and chunkers. For the longest time, these were too difficult to make but Freebird Shears has mastered the manufacturing process. Our Perfect Curve Line Thinners & Chunkers have a curve that is just right. We only have a limited number available so catch one while you can.

Always remember we have payment plans so there is no reason to miss out!🔥✅

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